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Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making Essay - 1375 Words

Integrating Culture and Diversity in Decision Making: (Essay Sample) Content: Southwest AirlinesNameInstructorCourseDateIntegrating Culture and Diversity in Decision MakingIntroductionOrganizational culture is the fundamental nature of all companies. In addition, it is also the manner through which, the company separates itself from the market and their competitors. The company must develop a strong culture that will help it steer through challenges and driving it to success. According to Vasilache Segal (2011), a corporate culture is a companys personality that cannot be faked. However, many organizations find it appropriate to integrate culture and diversity in decision making in an attempt to manage and control different aspects that may hinder the organization from achieving desired goals and objectives. The analysis provides examines southwests culture and determines it contribution towards the overall company performance.Description of the organizationSouthwest Airlines is a leading American airline that began its operations in 1971 afte r its foundation by Rollon King and Her Kelleher. The company started its operations using three aircraft that served a limited number of cities within Texas. Currently, Southwest serves more than 96 destinations in the United States. After acquiring AirTran Airways in 2011, the company expanded its activities by launching international services in mid-2014. The use of passenger-friendly, point-to-point, and a low-cost operational strategy has enabled southwest to grow year after year and at the same time remain profitable. While southwest Airlines has managed to gain significant market share, its legacy carriers have undergone so much struggle because of market conditions that appear to be depressed. This market depression is also attributed to the fact that the airline industry has continued to experience expensive contracts, increased fuel costs and a reduction in demand. However, Southwest Airline has continued to grow because of the use of a business model that is free of frill s (Southwest Airlines Co., 2009).It is also worth mentioning that Southwest Airline is the largest low-fare carrier in America. The companys friendly customer service, reliable operations, excellent corporate culture have also played a significant role in giving the Airline a competitive advantage over other players in the industry (Gittell, 2003).Culture of the selected organizationCompared to other competitors, Southwest Airlines has better customers service far beyond other airlines. The main idea behind this strategy is embracing the idea that employees matter and the essence of good service and the idea trickles down up to the bottom level employees. The Airline facilitates a team-oriented culture through cross-training employees so that they can help each other when needed. First, Fun First is a norm shared by the employees and the customers, and this provides an environment where there can be a good relationship between the employees and customers. This is an indication that employees have the freedom to exercise their responsibilities without the pressure from the management. According Wu (2012), employees in the organization are motivated through superb health coverage plan and most of all a huge benefit of $410, 000. This indicates that the employees are satisfied with the salary scale provided by the company.As stated by Southwest Airlines Co. (2009), Southwest airline uses a unique culture that makes it easier for all company staff to extend an excellent service that conforms to customer requirements. In fact, the quality service offered by the staff has not only helped in ensuring that valued customers continue seeking for the companys services, but has also played a great role in increasing the number of new clients. The management of Southwest Airline subjects its employees to a thorough training in an effort to improve their listening and communication skills. Gittell (2003) adds that employees are also trained on how to respond to a wide range of suggestion given by customers. The innovative programs that involve airline staff and customers provide both parties with an opportunity of discussing different methods of enhancing their lives and reducing operating costs. In addition, all employees at Southwest Airlines attach a lot of value on the need to maintain a good relationship with communities, customers, and suppliers.Boguslaski, Ito Lee (2004) assert that Southwest comprehends the significance of taking a completion serious and having fun. In short, southwests culture places much emphasis on the need of creating a relaxed corporate culture that encourages people to work while having fun. Most importantly, Southwest Airline understands that its staffs are the first customers, and the client is the second. The companys management has also sensitized its flight attendants on the significance of telling jokes to passengers as a way of creating fun when traveling from one destination to another.Signs of the identified cu ltureLooking at the manner in which Southwest Airline undertakes its operations, there is no doubt that the company is defined greatly by its culture. The airlines founder explained the significance of taking good care of people regardless of whether a person is an employee to the company or a customer (Southwest Airlines Co., 2009). According to the CEO, few companies are not willing invest their money, time, efforts, and attention to proving that they care about the employees, but Southwest Airlines has made it through by using this strategy. In addition, the company has a set of values and becoming committed to them is a method used to get things done faster and efficient. Therefore, these values are an essential part of the organization's culture since they ensure employees take their responsibilities seriously.Moreover, when a company understands and treats all people equally, there is a possibility that customers will be encouraged to continue utilizing the services offered by the Airline. Bearing in mind that Southwests rate of turnover is the lowest in the airline industry, it is an indication that the company exemplifies a corporate culture. Apart from training new employees for skills, southwest also devotes a substantial amount of resources to research, training, and development (Gittell, 2003).Factors that caused the organization to embody this particular cultureAccording to Boguslaski, Ito Lee (2004), many factors can be used to explain why Southwest Airline embodies this particular culture. Kellehers leadership style is the main factor that made the airline adapts its present culture. His form of leadership is still applied many years after he retired. The current company CEO affirms that the airlines cultural longevity has proved to be one of the major accomplishments and a significant challenge as well. Another factor for adopting a winning corporate culture is linked to its ability in making everyone responsible for overall company performanc e. As stated by Wu (2012), the management of Southwest Airline uses the critical components of the culture as part of its leadership expectations. The decision to embody a winning corporate culture is also supported by the fact that the management uses this culture to conduct annual perform...

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The Key to Successful Research Paper Sale

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Mary Shelleys Frankenstein (1818 version) Free Essay Example, 1000 words

Broadly speaking, ghost resides within each and every human heart. Throughout the novel, one finds the desperate struggle, mental turmoil of the author to come to terms with the harsh realities of life. She reveals her grit on every tragic turn, to live life in its trials, tribulations, duty and beauty. Her mental poise is like that of a tough swimmer who has reached the turbulent sea-shore to take a bath. Having gone for a sea bath, that swimmer is not afraid of the oncoming waves. He knows the art of swimming (living. ) If the waves are powerful, he will duck; if the waves are friendly he will swim with them and move to his desired goal. The word ‘inspirited’ in the quote is important in relation to the plot of the novel, and it hints at the agonies of Shelly both from secular and spiritual standpoints. Notwithstanding the twists and turns in the story that sustain the interest of the readers, her emphasis and sympathy is mostly to the day to day suffering of an individual on small and big counts. We will write a custom essay sample on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818 version) or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now This is evident when Shelly writes, â€Å"Nature overcome by hunger, sunk under the exhaustion, a repast was prepared for me in the desert that restored and inspirited me. †(141)Shelley is a great lover of nature and its varying moods are her perennial source of inspiration. Just like the sun rises in the morning fresh and glows forgetting all the darkness of yesterday—similar is Shelly’s attitude to life. Challenging one such struggle of her life she writes, â€Å"Deprived of this respite, I should have sunk under my hardships. During the day I was sustained and inspirited by the hope of night for in sleep I saw my friends, my life, and my beloved country. †(142)Imagination is not just the role; it is the soul of the text. The flight of her imagination transcends the borders of reason, and it enters of portals of spirituality and bliss. The reason for cynicism perhaps lies in the events that overpowered her in childhood and the rigid social conditions prevailing in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Fed up of the boredoms of everyday life in England, the author with her lover and infant moved to Switzerland. There she had interaction with a small group of young English writers and intellectuals and her literary career in the real sense took concrete shape. Shelly’s flight of imagination is not dangerous; it is benevolent. Look at her expression: â€Å"Now darkà ¢â‚¬ ¦now glittering†¦now reflecting gloom†¦. now lending splendor, where from secret springs. †(176) She enjoys and is amazed at the capacity of Nature to change her moods in so amazing terms and wonders about their source of origin.

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The Cause And Effect Of Organ Donation Among The Other...

In October of 2011, Helene Campbell was told of the news that would change her life forever: she had a fatal lung disease known as advanced idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. For months, the disease had unknowingly been slowly taking her breath away, and would continue to do so until she underwent her successful operation the following April. Immediately, doctors gave her the option to be put on a list for a double lung transplant so she could live to be twenty-five years old. Although her story is one of the more fortunate ones, this is not always the case for the millions of men, women and children that have been affected by this heedless epidemic. The reality is, Canada is one of the worst countries in regards to organ donation among the other Western World countries; nearly two thousand Canadians register for a new organ each year, but only half of the men, women and children on the recipient list may get one in the next twelve months. Our current system in Canada is adequate, but i t is not great nor is it efficient; millions of our own people to suffer, and many suffer until their death, without a second chance at the life that they rightly deserve. In the background, the black market is a thriving production that is producing billions of dollars worldwide each year. Exotic animals, prescription drugs, weapons, and other various items are being sold or traded illegally for cheaper prices and with easier access. Organs and other human body parts are among the most illegallyShow MoreRelatedHepatitis C And Its Effects On The Disease1448 Words   |  6 PagesHepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus. The disease can be either acute or a chronic infection, which can be mild or a lifelong disease. This disease also is the major cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer. The disease is slow moving and sometimes take up to thirty years to damage the liver. In the United States there are an estimated three to four million people with the disease and are not even aware. Approximately thirty percent of the individuals infected within six monthsRead MoreSelling Human Organs10012 Words   |  41 PagesTERM PAPER RESEARCH : Selling Human Organs ARTICLE 1 : Should people be allowed to sell their organs? Currently, exchanging organs for money or other valuable considerations is illegal, but some members of the medical and business communities would like to change that. One of those is the American Medical Associations influential Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs. Convinced that the balance of moral and ethical concerns favors the ability to sell organs, they would like the laws to changeRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography of Articles on Health Communication2795 Words   |  11 PagesHealth Communication Annotated Bibliography Brezina, Corona. (2010). Organ Donation: Risks, Rewards, and Research. Rosen Pub: New York, NY. An important role of the healthcare professional will have to do with the acceptance and request for organ donations. When a patient passes away, their loved ones will be asked if the organs of the deceased can be harvested. The healthcare professional must be able to make this request with enough tact that the bereaved will not be offended. The HippocraticRead MoreGender-Based Violence and Human Trafficking of Women and Children Today1595 Words   |  7 PagesVarious forms of slavery have been a part of the world’s history. In modern society direct forms of slavery are outlawed; however, human trafficking continues to occur within insidious organizations all over the world. While women and children are not the only victims of human trafficking, the lack of mobility, power, or education in their societies make these two groups the biggest victims of human trafficking. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sheryl Wudunn believes that the greatest injusticeRead MoreDarden Consulting Case Book25163 Words   |  101 PagesCONTENTS 1. The Consulting Case Interview 1. Structure of the Case Interview 2. Frameworks 3. The Math 2. Company Overviews Interview Processes 3. Practice Cases 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Bike DVD Rental Service in NYC Dry Wall Competitive Threat Organ Donation Case Central Power Chemicals, Inc. Hospital Profitability Contact Lens Manufacturer Growth TABLE OF CONTENTS (CONT’D) 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. E-commerce in the Airline Industry Big Green Biofuels New Rubber PlantRead MoreAnnotated Bibliography on the Role of Feminism and Women in Buddhism5082 Words   |  21 Pagesthis happens in almost all religions around the world. Buddhism is complicated with regard to women, as some countries’ version of it holds women in higher esteem than others. The whole religion has been debating on whether or not women can legitimately participate in enlightenment since Buddhism was first founded. Some groups believe women can reach enlightenment, but others disagree, and some believe that women can be ordained as nuns while others do not share this idea. The tradition of openRead MoreIndian Social Structure and Values Ethics in Business13564 Words   |  55 Pagesby religion Census authorities. Distinction was made between those who were Hindu and those who followed their own religion. There is no uniform pattern of religion among the tribal peoples of India. Mandelbaum mentions eight characteristics of Indian tribes: (i) kinship as an instrument of social bonds, (ii) lack of hierarchy among individuals and groups, (iii) absence of strong, complex, formal organizations, (iv) communitarian basis on land holding, (v) segmentary character, (vi) little valueRead MoreOffensive Advertising : Advertising, Muslims, And Consumer Behaviour9514 Words   |  39 PagesChapter 2: Literature Review In this chapter we will try to deepen our understanding of the research problem at hand. Hence we will review the following constructs: offensive advertising, advertising in Egypt, consumers of an Arab world Muslim majority country such as Egypt, religiosity for Muslims and purchase intentions in order to further our understanding of the connection between advertising as a marketing tools, Muslims and consumer behaviour. 2.1 The nature of offensive advertising In anRead MoreApproaches to Organisation and Management19498 Words   |  78 Pages  The  study  of  organisations,  their  structure and  management  is  important  for  the  manager.  Identification  of major  trends  in  management  and  organisational  behaviour,  and the  work  of  leading  writers,  provide  a  perspective  on  concepts and  ideas  discussed  in  more  detail  in  other  chapters. Learning  outcomes After  completing  this  chapter  you  should  be  able  to: ââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  identify  major  trends  in  the  development  of  organisational  behaviour  and management  thinking; ââ€"  Ã‚  Ã‚  contrast  main  features  of  different  approaches  to  organisation  and Read MoreThe Role of Advertising in Marketing Communications9872 Words   |  40 Pageslater. 2. SALES PROMOTION – A variety of short term incentives to encourage trial or purchase of a product or service. Companies use sales promotion tools to draw a stronger and quicker buyer response. Sales promotion can be used for short – run effects such as to highlight product offers and boost sagging sales. The advantages of sales promotion are as follows: Communication: They gain attention and may lead the consumer to the product. Incentive: They incorporate some concession, inducement

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Fame Isnt Everything - 1111 Words

Fame Isn’t Everything Chloe McGlaun Galveston College Fame Isn’t Everything Kurt Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington on February 20, 1967. When Cobain turned eight, his childhood was no longer filled with happiness due to his parents divorce. After receiving a guitar for his fourteenth birthday, Cobain found an outlet for his emotions. In 1987, Cobain and his friends formed a band, which became known as Nirvana. Two years later, they came out with their first album called Bleach. During Nirvana’s first European tour, Cobain experienced his first mental breakdown while performing, not long after he began using heroine. Courtney Love, a singer in the punk-rock band Hole, and Cobain began having relations. After Love†¦show more content†¦Cobain’s first suicidal attempt in 1992 was thought to be a mistake, until his three page suicide note was found (Kurt Donald Cobain, 2014). He also spoke of having â€Å"suicidal genes† due to the fact that two men in his family committed suicide when Cobai n was a child (Freeman, 2012). Although Cobain didn’t necessarily have five of the nine symptoms to diagnose him with Major Depressive Disorder, it is not hard to see that he was a very depressed soul (Kurt Cobain and his battle with Mental Illness, 2014). Many factors play a part in his depression many that began at the age of seven. Tragically, Cobain was not able to overcome his mental illnesses and live on to complete his legacy. I believe that Cobain had been suicidal from the time he was a young boy. His childhood pushed him into his depression at such a young age and only worsened as time went on. Although, Cobain was an extremely gifted human being, who brought himself so much fame, it was not enough for him to feel the need to keep living. He was a very sensitive man, who felt emotion so deeply that the slightest negative thing could send him over the edge. Cobain stated in his suicide note â€Å"There’s good in allShow MoreRelatedDefinition Of A Modern He ro In Beowulf744 Words   |  3 Pageslonged only for fame, leaped back into battle†¦ fame comes to the men who mean to win it and care about nothing else!† (502-508). That quote expresses the biggest difference between the Anglo-Saxon hero and the modern hero, in this story the only thing that Beowulf cares about is if he becomes famous. Since Fame and glory is all that matters to Beowulf he is shown to be especially selfish and cold-hearted, a trait that most modern hero’s don’t show. The last reason Beowulf isn’t considered a modernRead MoreBeowulf - The Glory And The Fame880 Words   |  4 PagesFor the Glory and the Fame (What Motivates Beowulf in the Epic Poem Beowulf) In heroic novels or poems, there is always some sort of ulterior motive for the hero. Maybe they are doing what they do for someone else, or for a prize as in some sort of money. In the epic poem Beowulf, he is doing some things that you don’t really understand why he is doing them. There is a monster that is attacking a town in another country and he decides that he wants to help. He hears of the attacks so he heads overRead MoreFame Success1247 Words   |  5 Pages Fame does not mean Success Being successful doesn’t always mean that fame is involved. Success is a spiritual practice of doing what you love regardless of outcome. Fame is an arbitrary reward not necessarily given to the most deserving. We look at success from different perspective and judge how it builds the characteristics to hit the level of success. To most people, success means achieving a goal. In order to achieve a goal, a person usually has to workRead MoreAnalysis Of Ah Are You Digging On My Grave 878 Words   |  4 Pagesis going to go kill this foul monster and save everyone. Now of course this is going to get your name going around. You have just said that you are going to fight a monster and just because you want to. He is just looking for fame and something more to put to his name. He isn’t motivated by saving people or helping them, he is motivated by what people will say about him and how he will be remembered by killing monsters. Once Beowulf and Hrothgar meet all he does is brag. â€Å"They have seen my strengthRead MoreButterfly by Drake Adams1131 Words   |  5 Pagesmaking all kinds of lyrics that would perfectly embody a variety of emotions. Everything has been smooth sailing for Drake; he would write a poem, release it, make money, and then repeat the process. It is all very boring for him; something in him is always yearning for more, and one day, the feeling is too irresistible. Drake has always seen music videos of rappers and would see the big sums of money and the fame that the rappers would receive. Why do they get so much more than poets? We bothRead MoreAltruism in Everyday Life Essay1120 Words   |  5 Pageswe say whether true altruism exists or not? It does not exist because no matter what you do whether it be giving a beggar a dollar or saving someone’s life you are going into a loss but you get something in return no matter what it is varying from fame to a feeling of satisfaction. First off I’ll start off by talking about the bystander effect and how it could influence people’s altruistic behavior. Bystander effect is the phenomenon that when someone is in the need of help from anyone around,Read MoreJohn Francis Bongiovi Jr.1232 Words   |  5 PagesJohn and Bryan formed Bon Jovi with Tico Torres, drums, Alec John Such, bass guitar, and Richie Sambora, on lead guitar (â€Å"Jon Bon Jovi†). All of these events created a music super power. Bon Jovi is a legend and should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of their well-known music, their numerous awards, and their influences and the people they have influenced. Livin’ On A Prayer. Bad Medicine. Wanted Dead or Alive. Most people will recognize these songs. Sterling Whitaker an article writerRead MoreMoney and Happiness1743 Words   |  7 Pagespeople? The misery that these people it go through is not because they don’t have enough money to by two square meals. It occurs due to the fact that everyone seems to have more expectations from money. Money cannot buy you everything but in the minds of people who give up everything for money, it is difficult to accept that they strove so hard to achieve partial success. So if you are unhappy and think that money is the answer to your problems – think again! Even if you were to win a lottery tomorrowRead MoreNow You See Me Movie Essay1379 Words   |  6 Pagestogether to make a whirl-wind of a film. Every film has their highs and lows when it comes to the plot, this film is no different. In the beginning of the movie, there are a lot of magic tricks that the audience is exposed to. However, the audience isn’t kept guessing or wondering how it happened, thanks to Thaddeus Bradley. This characters main goal is to reveal these tricks. I think it takes the mystery out of the movie in a way, because the audience is being told how something happens instantaneouslyRead MoreThe, The Public, Place The Best Athletes On Pedestals, By William Moller989 Words   |  4 Pagesnecessary to propel his argument to a new dimension. Ultimately, fame and fortune, pressure from fans, and the human nature to perform as best you can are all factors that cause athletes to use illegal stimulants. Let’s face it: most minor league baseball players’ end goal is to play for the majors. However, that is not their one and only goal. They also want to be one of the greats; they want to be remembered; they want to be in the hall of fame. Now, envision yourself as a newbie on a baseball team that

Teaching Plan For Diet And Nutrition As A Stroke Risk.

Teaching Plan for Diet and Nutrition as a Stroke Risk Pamela Arango-Gallego Delaware Technical Community College Introduction In the United States on your average day, every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke. Strokes effect everyone whether you’re the patient, friend, family member, or taxpayer. (â€Å"Delaware Stroke Initiative,† n.d.) Strokes are the 4th leading cause of death, this is especially worrisome with the elderly population growing to about â€Å"70 million by the year 2030† (Sherzai, Heim, Boothby, 2012) There are many risk factors that’re non modifiable and people can’t control like sex, gender, race, and genetic disposition. Luckily, there’s many modifiable risk factors to prevent stroke. One of the easiest ways†¦show more content†¦2) Have client state 2 foods in each level of the Healthy Eating food pyramid. Content to Be Taught There are many ways that diet can influence the risk of stroke, by directly causing hypertension, diabetes, or atherosclerosis. (Pearson Education, Inc, 2014) Hypertension which is often worsened by increased sodium in the diet, causes damage to blood vessels, causing them to weaken, rupture or leak. A vessel rupturing would cause a hemorrhagic stroke. (Pearson Education, Inc, 2014) When you increase the sodium in a diet, this reduces the kidneys ability to remove water from the body, which results in kidney strain and higher pressure. Excess insulin in the body due to diabetes can also lead to more sodium being retained in the body. (Pearson Education, Inc, 2014) Both type one and type two diabetes can be prevented or better controlled with a proper diet. (Pearson Education, Inc, 2014) Diabetes can also accelerate the process of plaque build up, which not only increases hypertension, but can also cause platelets to build up around and begin the clothing sequen ce, creating an embolus that when broken off can cause a thrombolytic stroke due to the plaque travels to the brain and clog up a cerebral vessel. Diabetes can also damage the inner lining of blood vessels, which makes it easier for plaque to form. (Pearson Education, Inc, 2014) Atherosclerosis is â€Å" complex lesions consisting of lipids, fibrous tissue, collagen,Show MoreRelatedCardiovascular Diseases And Strokes And The Filipino Community1268 Words   |  6 PagesCardiovascular Diseases and Strokes in the Filipino Community The American culture is not easily defined. The greatest thing about the American culture is that it consists of multicultural beliefs and accepted norms. One culture that has made a great impact on the American cultural is the Filipino-American culture. As we all may know, some of the major factors that play a critical role in a culture’s identification is food and medicinal practices. Unlike the American practices, persons of the FilipinoRead MoreMathematics : Important When Looking At Australian Teenagers And Diet And The Recommended Diet By Health Professionals972 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstanding of numbers including decimals, percentages and rates is important in this investigation. Measurement will be used throughout the investigation. This includes measuring and estimating the difference between the Australian teenagers’ diet and the recommended diet by health professionals. Selecting appropriate metric units is important, for example kilocalorie (kcal) and calories (cal) when comparing energy consumption. â€Æ' Data Collection Data collection is important in this investigation. Both quantitativeRead MoreAuthor Lives In Mississauga City, Canada. And Her Background1736 Words   |  7 Pagesheart disease is the second leading cause of death accounting for 20% all death. In every 7 minutes a death from heart disease or stroke in Canada (Heart research Institute, 2017). Minority populations of African or South Asian background are at greater risk of developing high blood pressure, diabetes or other risk factors for heart disease at a younger age (Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, 2012). The author decided to provide health education in the church community where most people are minorityRead MoreWindshield Survey and Health Care1579 Words   |  6 Pagesbecause their population has grown dramatically, by 10 percent in the last ten years, and because they are a population with particular vulnerabilities in the town of Warrenton. Hispanics in general have higher risk factors for many different chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, liver disease and cirrhosis; furthermore, the situation is aggravated by the fact that Hispanics have substantially higher uninsured rates, compared with whites and black African Americans. WindshieldRead MoreModified Calcium and Potassium Diets1194 Words   |  5 PagesModified Calcium and Potassium Diets Morgan Tilley West Coast University NURS211L The mineral that is the most plentiful in the body is calcium. It is mainly found in bones and teeth but also in plasma and other fluids within the body. Calcium plays an important role in blood clotting, nerve transmission, muscle contraction and relaxation, cell membrane permeability and the activation of certain enzymes, along with protecting against colorectal cancer. The intake of calcium or dairy productsRead MoreTeaching Plan1223 Words   |  5 PagesTeaching Plan for Newly Diagnosed Diabetes Teaching Plan for Newly Diagnosed Diabetic PatientThe Identified Learning Need Patients with Diabetes have very comprehensive learning needs. The learning needs arefocused on managing their glucose levels and preventing complications of diabetes. Learningneeds for managing diabetes are complex and include: monitoring blood glucose levels,menu/food planning, exercise, medications, skin care, management of co-existing disease processes, knowledge of medicationsRead MoreA Research Study On Cardiovascular Heart Disease1079 Words   |  5 PagesCardiovascular Diseases†, n.d.). In an effort to address the health problems that develop into cardiovascular heart disease, the Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) established the â€Å"VA Memphis Cooks† program. This program, funded by the VA Nutrition Food Services department, aims to educate, empower, and initiate behavior change by promoting and demonstrating healthy eating strategies. Identification of Interviewee When conducting this case study I interviewed Patricia Prince-Griffin, RegisteredRead MoreOutline Of Teaching Plan Presentation With Powerpoint Essay1114 Words   |  5 PagesSummary of teaching plan Church of Temper city was selected to perform the teaching plan presentation with PowerPoint. It was focused on Primary Prevention/Health Promotion. After performing the Functional Health Patterns (FHP) assessment in this community(church), the main finding over half of members are obvious overweight or obesity via sense of sight. Every week church is holed a potluck, most of the food are pizzas, fried meats, high starch, such as rice, yam and potatoes as well as lack vegetablesRead Morenursing teaching plan for decubitis ulcer1145 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Teaching Strategies Plan for Decubitus Ulcer For Nursing Assistant/UAP Winward Ganu NU 2530 July 23, 2014 Learning Needs/ Topics Diagnosis Risk Factors Available Resources Learning Objectives Teaching Strategies Implementation/Rationale Evaluation 1. Impaired skin integrity: stage I or II pressure ulcer. Related to: physical immobility, mechanical factor (e.g.. friction, pressure,) altered circulation, medication, moisture 2. Read MoreThe Macrobiotic Diet Essay1242 Words   |  5 PagesEvery year, the number of Americans going on a diet increases. Surveys performed by the federal government demonstrate how prevalent the desire for weight loss is in American society. One federal survey’s findings showed that 44 percent of women and 29 percent of men in America were trying to lose weight on a daily basis (The Science of Slimming ( Cover Story)). Recent figures revealed that 31 percent of Americans fall under the category of being obese, and 64 percent of Americans are overweight

Character Analysis of Samuel Parris ( Crucible) Essay Example For Students

Character Analysis of Samuel Parris ( Crucible) Essay Eric RepasLit Analysis 11/ 7/96Characterization of Reverend Samuel ParrisThroughout The Crucible we are introduced to and follow four or five importantcharacters that Arthur Miller elaborated upon. One of those characters is ReverendSamuel Parris, a bitter minister who came to Salem for unclear reasons. That reason mayhave been he was looking for a small town to control, maybe he was trying to escapesomething or someone, or he may have just wanted a fresh, clean start; whatever thatreason was it is for sure he had no idea what he was going to start. If the blame of the Salem Witchcraft Trails were to be traced back to one individual it would certainly beReverend Parris. When we are first introduced to Parris he is at the side of his daughters bedpraying for his recovery. It is Parris who calls in Hale and other experts so that a curemay be found for his daughter. Once word got out that there were witch hunters in Salemall hell broke loose. As three warrants are sent out to arrest the supposed witches the longblood bath that is to follow is set into motion. During the trials Parris is sure to attack thecharacter of every defendant leaving no one pure. When Frances Nurse brings a petitionwith 91 names on it, a petition to set Rebecca, Goody Proctor, and Martha Corey freeParris demands that all those on the list be called in for questioning. pg93Danforth, glancing at the list: How many names are here?Frances: Ninety-one, Your Excellency. Parris, sweating: These people should be summoned. Danforth looks up at him questioningly. For questioning. Parris: This is a clear attack upon the court!Parris also attacks Mary Warren harshly when she changes sides to help JohnProctor clear his wifes name. Once Mary claims she fainted at will he tries to make herprove this, and once he has weakened her whole defensive stand, the other girls move infor the kill forcing her to turn on the man she could have saved. Parris could not let it beproven that the girls were liars for if it was both his daughter and niece would be caught inthe middle of this elaborate fabrication. Of course if they were proven to be the liars itwould reflect upon his own character and involvement in the bloody game. In the end of the novel Parris does show remorse for the whole ordeal, once JohnProctor is sentenced to hang Parris finally realizes that this has all been wrong. Parrispleads with Elizabeth to convince John to convince so that his life will be spared for this isblood that will be on Parriss own hands. But do not be followed this is also a selfish actfor if he could have gotten Proctor to confess it would have justified the other hangings. pg145Parris (In deadly fear to Elizabeth) : Go to him Goody Proctor! There is time yet!From outside a drumroll strikes the air. Parris is startled. Elizabeth jerks about toward the window. Parris: Go to him! He rushes out the door as to hold back his fate. Proctor! Proctor!Samuel Parris was a man who used the Trails for vengeance, vengeance foreverything that has ever happened to him. For once in his life this man had absolutepower, although once this power was used his role of importance was taken away byDanforth and others. Maybe it was that once he was knocked of his pedestal he finallyrealized all this was wrong. Maybe by the end of the novel he finally realized that he waswrong there were no witches, or it could have been he just wanted the satisfaction ofProctors confession; but whatever it was it really doesnt matter now all are dead andgone. 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